What is 802?

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What is 802?

Copper Dormer

Many people have asked me how 802 came to be part of my business name. The 802 comes from my second cousin Jeff Minor. We have more of an uncle nephew relationship. We share a passion for going fast on two wheels and 802 was Jeff's Motocross number. While racing on August 25th 2005 he landed wrong, flew off the bike and crashed. Our lives changed forever on that day.


Jeff had suffered an obvious neck injury and was airlifted to the hospital. The family was informed of the severity of the injury and was told he probably wouldn't live through the night. If he did live through the night he would be paralyzed from the chest down. Jeff fought for his life and then another fight began. He refused to believe that he wasn't going to walk again. I walked into his hospital room a week or so after the crash and he could raise his finger. A week later he could raise his butt off the bed. He never gave up and 3 months later with help of crutches he walked his sister down the aisle at her wedding. 


All through his recovery and even now, the 802 became a metaphor for never giving up. Jeff's recovery has continued very successfully. However, he gave up the motorcycles and started riding mountain bikes with Uncle Jim. In 2009 we rode 20 miles on Womble trail near Mena Arkansas. On July 28th 2013 we rode the Monarch Crest in Colorado. Starting at the summit of Monarch Pass, Colorado we climbed to the Colorado Trail finishing 30 miles later at Poncha Pass. I almost died on that one. Haha. Last year we met in Breckenridge, Colorado and he got me hooked on downhill mountain biking. In June 2017, we're meeting at Angel Fire, New Mexico for another adventure. While I am still a flatlander in Oklahoma City, Jeff lives in Denver with his wife Chelsea. She is a PA and one of the finest people I've ever met. In short this family never gives up.