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Q. What is the average production time after an order is placed?
A. Finials will usually be shipped within two weeks of ordering. Custom products or large orders may take longer. Please inquire for more information. 

Q. Do you build custom finials?
A. 802 Copper Shoppe can customize your finial to your specification. Send us a drawing, sketch, or photo, with dimensions and we can build you a quote. 

Q. Do you cut the finials to fit the roof pitch?
A. If you know your roof pitch, we can definitiely cut the finials to fit at no charge. If you don't know your roof pitch, contact you local trusted roofer for assistance. 

Q. Can you "antique" your finials?
A. We can apply a patina solution to all of our finials. This is a liquid compound of several chemicals that react to the copper and create a green patina which does not harm the copper at all. It is similar to the reaction that causes rust on.