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Our Products

My products are named after some of the most important and beautiful people in my life. The numbers associated with each product indicate the vertical height of the finished pieces (in inches).

  • LS42 Copper FinialThe LaDonna Sue Finial

    L.S. 52 – This is my favorite! After completing the final, I left the shop for the evening. When I walked in the next morning and saw it on the table, it reminded me of a tall pretty redhead from my past: my mom, LaDonna Sue.

  • SC36 Copper FinialThe Slim Cyn Finial S.C. 36 – The Slim Cyn is tall and trim. This reminded me of my good friend, Cynthia.

The Red Dirt Finial

The “Red Dirt” finials were inspired by the structures that dot Oklahoma’s landscape such as oil derricks, windmills, water towers. The angular design compliments traditional home styles as well as the trend towards a more modern, contemporary design.

  • RD42 Copper Finial R.D. 42 features a 4” copper ball.
  • RD27 Copper FinialR.D. 27 can accommodate a 2” copper ball.
  • RD27MTB Copper FinialR.D. 27 MTB can accommodate a 4” copper ball.

  • Victoria36 Copper FinialVictoria 36

    I utilize this formed top section from gooddirections.com

  • BB50 Copper FinialThe Big Bertha B.B. 50 – In keeping with the theme of appreciating the women in my life, I call this one “Big Bertha” in honor of my grandmother Bertha Chapman. Tall, strong, angry. Grandma, not the finial. She was misunderstood.

  • JB38 Copper FinialThe Jolie Blon J.B. 38 – This finial was designed for a specific client, and I think it’s pretty sharp.
  • Turret FinialThe Turret Finial

    These finials are used on roofs that meet at a point. Supply your roof pitch for custom fit.

The Patina Process

The classic patina look can be applied to any finials. Pictured is the R.D. 42 after the patina process.

Patina Process